About Me

About Me   


      On a blustery day late in March, a beautiful young woman gives birth to a cherubic little girl, and all is well in the world. That would be the romantic film version- now for the Reality TV version. On a cold day in March, a young girl suffers through 26 hours of labor only to have her pudgy little baby born with the cord around her neck. Cue applause (or the doctor slapping my face, similar sound right?) It was with a dramatic birth that I entered the world, and my love of all things dramatic has never ceased. As soon as I could walk I was dancing around the house; as soon as I could talk I was asking why I wasn’t that little girl on the television. Drama clubs, theater camps, All County Choirs- it seems my childhood was one performance after another in all different genres: dance recitals, musical theater productions, school shows (I played Belle!), monologue and scene nights and concert after glorious concert.

      Fast forward to my high school years, where I left my sheltered suburban life behind and traveled into Manhattan every day to attend the Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS). It was here that I learned about the life of an actor and all the work that went into it. Work that I was more than happy to do. Work that made me excited. During my most impressionable years I studied the teachings of Meisner and Stanislavsky, learned the art of film making and playwriting, took trips to museums and other cultural treasures throughout the Greatest City in the World and got a taste of what living my dream would be like. I was already hooked before arriving, and now that I was submerged in all things Artistic, there was no turning back.

      I would love to be able to say it’s been all sunshine and lollipops since then, but we all know that the journey of an Artist is paved with roads of gold and mud. But the mud itself has its own golden value, for it is through these struggles that we learn who we are as an Artist and get a glimpse of what it is we are capable of. I’ve been fortunate enough to study with some amazing teachers who have taught me the importance of truly seeing and feeling all that we experience on this crazy trip called life. And that advice has enriched not only my life on the stage, but my everyday life as well. There is a silver lining to every situation and learning to find the silver lining is a gift my craft has given me.

      Hmmmm what else is there to share? I’m a big fan of fresh fruits (especially raspberries!!), I love animals (lately the antics of goats have been tickling my funny bone), I’m terrified of water – I’m currently obsessed with the works of Christopher Moore and Michael Chekhov, and I have an insatiable thirst for all of the knowledge there is in the world (Thank you Google for helping me achieve some relief).

      Have any questions, comments or thoughts? Shoot me an email!