“Reanna Armellino is spot on as Jackie-O. Funny, scary, but in a very disturbingly sexy way, she navigates through this story with ease and immediately engages your attention to almost every nuance and expression.” – Local Theater NY, Roger Gonzalez, (The House of Yes)

“Irina (Reanna Armellino)’s character evolves fantastically over the course of the four acts. Her childlike coquettishness in the beginning of the play contrasts greatly with a sobered, almost solemn Irina who carries her newly gained wisdom with heady weight.” – Theater Pizzazz, MR Anderson, (Three Sisters)

“Prudently directed by Reanna Armellino, this seemingly obscure premise was presented with a natural realism.”- Theater Pizzazz, Tania Fisher, (Ten Minute Play Soirée)